10 - Husband John

This is simply the storyteller in me coming to the foreground, the tale of a treacherous young maid who kills the lady of the manor to move in and take her place.

When I did go to the home of John
A working man now married long
To be a maiden to his wife
I set my eye to the finer life
Oh he was tall, he was fine,
I set my mind to take thee.

Oh John dear John do listen well
For this to you I now must tell
As I went in, your child to feed,
I saw your wife by the willow tree
And there she lay on silken sheets
While I did hold your baby


She was not their alone to lie
There was another by her side
And as I set about my chores
She gave to him all that was yours
And rode away on the dappled horse
And left me here to brave thee

Oh John dear John do hear my plea
For she has gone and you are free
She left her husband and her babe
Knowing that his heart would break
And all the while I kept him safe
I pray that you’ll believe me


You must be sure and tell me true
If this is real what shall I do?
Young girl, young girl, he said to I
You’ll not do well to tell me lies
For when you come to the Devil’s side
‘twill be too late to save thee

Oh John dear John I’d not deceive
Upon my shoulder you may grieve
And lay with me your second wife
Until the devil takes my life
For I know where her body lies
And you’ll not know I betrayed thee

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