"The Call / Daughters of Watchet / Caturn's Night" from the 2017 album 'Findings'

The video also features Archie Churchill-Moss and Ciaran Algar, as well as various places in and around Watchet and the Mineral Line, Pebbles Tavern and the wonderful beach fire-lighting skills of husband face!

Huge thanks to Dan at Louder Than Words for his amazing video skills, Pebbles Tavern for saving the day when the rain put out our fire, and Brian Matthews at The Blazing Stump Folk Club for being an amazing runner for the day.

The Bow to The Sailor - The Official Video

This is the opening track on the album 'The Lament of The Black Sheep' an album released in 2014

Recorded on Watchet beach, we ended the evening filming sat on a rock surrounded by sea in a thunder storm! It was an extremely dramatic experience (especially as throughout the lightening, positioned around me were three metal camera tripods!) 

This was my first music video and great fun to do, I especially enjoyed wading into the sea bare footed and traipsing around Watchet town in search of an old man with 'good hands' !!! Filmed by ATP Media.

What May You Do For The JAM? (Just About Managing)

I heard Theresa May’s use of the phrase 'JAM' yesterday to describe families that are 'just about managing', and so I wrote this:

The Lament of The Black Sheep Album Launch 

The entire album launch recorded Live at The Regal Theatre Minehead with a full band

Complete with support performances from Jemima Farey, Steve Pledger, Lukas Drinkwaterand Luke Jackson we recorded the entire launch of the 2014 album 'The Lament of The Black Sheep' which was performed with a full band! Lukas Drinkwater on Bass and backing vocals, Jo May on Percussion, Andrew Rock on Accordion, Luke Jackson on guitar and Backing Vocals, Steve Pledger and Jemima Farey on Backing Vocals. 

We decided to share this video so those who could not make it could still share the experience with us, and boy what an experience it was! There was laughter, fun, tears and applause :-) Enjoy! 

'The Sailor's Farewell' sung Live with Nic Jones at Hope Hall Exeter

This was an experience I will never forget!

I received an email asking if I would mind if Nic Jones joined me on a few of my songs at the 2014 Oxjam fundraiser. I nearly fell off of my chair! On the evening, I was invited along with several others to join Nic of 'Penguin Egg' fame on some of his most famous songs including 'The Little Pot Stove' and he joined Lukas, Jemima and myself on a few of my songs. I was thrilled that he chose this one as it's one of my favourites and he sounded wonderful. 

Nic is a legend in the folk world and I am hugely honoured to not only have shared a stage with him but to have this video as proof ;) 

The Whispering Bob Harris 'Under The Apple Tree' Sessions - Ange Hardy and Lukas Drinkwater Duo

Three video's in a series recorded in Bob Harris's garden! 

In the first, we sing 'Daughter's of Watchet' which is a new song from the 2016 album 'Findings' which leads into 'My Captain' from the 2015 album 'Esteesee'. 

The Second is our version of a traditional song 'The Trees They Grow High' or 'Daily Growing' performed on harp,  guitar and Bb Whistle. 

The final is a reworking of a song which will appear on 'Findings', written for my eldest, 'Daughter dear Daughter'. All three songs are live looped!

A Trio of Video's from over the years 

I have chosen three video's here to highlight my journey into folk writing over the years 

The first is the most recent, filmed at St Pancras Old Church in London 'George' comes from the 2015 album 'Esteesee' and is a powerful song picking up on the needy relationship between Samuel Taylor Coleridge and his brother. Filmed by Gingerbread Media. 

The second is the 2014 Christmas Single 'The Little Holly Tree', very much a follow on from 'The Lament of The Black Sheep', I wrote this song and turned around the single and the video in just under 2 weeks! This one was filmed and edited by Rob Swan (Husbandface).

The final one is from the 2013 album 'Bare Foot Folk' and was written for my Brother who sadly passed away when he was 15. A haunting and moving song which I rarely perform as I find it too difficult to sing. 

The 'Big Comfy Bookshop' Sessions! 

A series of live acoustic video's taken before my concert at the Big Comfy Bookshop in Coventry.

This has become quite a rare thing for me, to perform unplugged and acoustic, away from my trusty aids the looper and reverb! I was even asked to record a cover so I chose 'The Queen and the Soldier which was written by Suzanne Vega, I cover the version done by Kate Rusby and Kathryn Roberts. One of the first folk songs I fell in love with, learnt and played at open mic nights around Taunton all those years ago!

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