Reviews: Windmills and Wishes 2010

Amazon Reviews

"Her voice is amazing, and the songs are beautiful. If you buy one album this year, it should be this one."

"I was one of the lucky few to be able to get this album pre-release, it is money well spent!! Listening to it is like being led through a story of the artists life, you can hear where her inspiration comes from and the artists that helped form her style personally speaking it a brilliant album and throughly enjoyed every minute of it, can't wait for a second."

"I bought this after buying Bare Foot Folk and, whilst it is very different, I really enjoyed every track. Ange has the sort of voice you can listen to time and time again, and the autobiographical story telling is extremely moving. I can't wait for another album from Ange."

"I adore this album - I've listened to it over and over again! Ange is so talented, she writes beautiful songs and has a beautiful voice. Definitely worth buying!"

"Top class, beautiful, simple music. Is it folk? I would classify this as just great music. Looking forward to the release of the new album."

"I've got the album, and seen Ange Hardy perform live. There's no doubt in my mind that Ange Hardy is going to become a very, very well known name before too long! All 14 tracks of this are really, really diverse, and wonderfully produced. The individual tracks are great, but the whole album tells as brilliant story from start to finish - I must've listened to this a hundred times this year already. Get a copy!"

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