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UPDATE: Bonus round! Christmas 2017

There's a bonus prize of a £25 Amazon voucher for the winner of this category of 25 advent themed bonus photos!

All photos for this category must be submitted by December 31st 2017, we'll announce the winner of this round on New Year’s Day.

Download the Fox Findings Christmas Special List 2017 as a PDF file

Bring Back Home is an album born from my love of creativity. Embracing creativity can lead to engaging with new people, communities, places and experiences. I want to bring some of that joy of discovery and creativity to your own home.

To take part in Fox Findings you’ll need to make the origami fox that you received with your copy of Bring Back Home.

You can download the list of challenges and upload photographs to the categories (see the links on this page) to show you’ve completed as many of the challenges as you can. We will award bonus points for going above and beyond and for extra creativity.

Also, bonus points are avaialble for the first photo in each category.

You'll need to create an account to upload the photos, also - please be aware that all photos that are uploaded may be shared by us!

The game ends on November 28th 2018. The top 5 scorers will win prizes, with additional prizes for our favourite photos and specific categories.

Go forth and be creative!

Ange x

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