Award winning Somerset folk songwriter and singer Ange Hardy

“Bring Back Home” is my sixth studio album, and it marks a pivotal point for me. It many ways it closes a loop that began with Bare Foot Folk. This is the first album since “Windmills and Wishes” where I’ve had no agenda other than simply wanting to record the songs that have happened when I’ve sat at the kitchen table. It’s the first album where I’ve had no boxes to tick.

It features Ange Hardy (vocals, harp, guitar, whistle, songwriting, arrangement,  producer), Peter Knight (fiddle, backing vocals), Lukas Drinkwater (bass, guitar, backing vocals), Evan Carson  (percussion), Alex Cumming (Accordion), Jon Dyer (flute, whistle) and Lee Cuff (cello, backing vocals).

Nominated at the 2015 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards and celebrated by The Telegraph as “one of Britain’s top folk musicians”

Ange Hardy has grabbed the attention of the traditional folk music world by writing new material and embracing modern technologies whilst maintaining a traditional feel.

Alongside a staggering list of other accolades Ange was awarded FATEA Magazine’s “Female Vocalist of the Year” in 2013, “Album of the Year” in 2014 and “The Tradition Award” in 2015, and the LCM "Live Performer of the Year" in 2017.

“She performs with a warmth that is both disarming and inspirational. Her songs of life and the countryside feel traditional, and she augments voice and guitar with very effective use of a loop pedal to add harmonies or extra instruments. It is a great feat of perfect timing.” - R2 Magazine

As a solo artist Ange performs with a 27-string Salvi Harp, three different guitars, a variety of low whistles, a bodhrán drum, a tambourine, and an Indian shruti box. Combined with her innovative and subtle use of live looping to build layers up vocal harmonies she’s one of the most diverse solo-artists you're likely to encounter.

Ange's 6th album - her 2017 Solo Album "Bring Back Home" - was released in November 2017.

"It’s a masterclass in subtle class. Thoughtful and uplifting... Bring Back Home is spectacularly good. Go and buy a copy now." - Bright Young Folk

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