Bring Back Home - 2017 Pre-Order (Out on Nov 28th)

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This is the most important part of the package :) The new album will be presented in a limited edition embossed gold foiled digipack, featuring cover art from Michael Cook. If you're not an "album and inlay person" then you can choose to either have MP3 downloads or 24bit WAV files for super-duper-uber-high-fidelity. The downloads will still come with a digital PDF booklet.

Whichever option you choose you'll get the album on or before the official release date (basically, as soon as they turn up here we'll post them on to you!).

“Bring Back Home” is my sixth studio album, and it marks a pivotal point for me. It many ways it closes a loop that began with Bare Foot Folk. This is the first album since “Windmills and Wishes” where I’ve had no agenda other than simply wanting to record the songs that have happened when I’ve sat at the kitchen table. It’s the first album where I’ve had no boxes to tick.

It features Ange Hardy (vocals, harp, guitar, whistle, songwriting, arrangement,  producer), Peter Knight (fiddle, backing vocals), Lukas Drinkwater (bass, guitar, backing vocals), Evan Carson  (percussion), Alex Cumming (Accordion), Jon Dyer (flute, whistle) and Lee Cuff (cello, backing vocals).

If you'd like to read the lyrics for the songs you can find them here: Bring Back Home Song Lyrics.

Add Something Extra

[SOLD OUT] Have your name printed in the inlay as a special thank you (+£20)

This has always been a popular pre-order option - it's the opportunity to get your name printed in the album inlay by way of special thanks for going above and beyond with your support.

[SOLD OUT] Dedicate a song in the inlay to someone (+£50)

This is a brand new pre-order option that I've not used before. If there's a song on the new album that's special to you then you can either a) get that song dedicated to you on the lyrics page of the inlay or b) dedicate that song to someone else.

If you've not heard the songs live you can read lyrics over here: read lyrics for all of the songs

Limited Edition A3 Poster Print of Album Artwork (+£30)

The album art for this release is really, really special. It was comissioned from Michael Cook (Hallowed Art) who was the artist responsible for the Esteesee album cover. For pre-orders we've produced a strictly limited edition signed A3 poster - signed and delivered in a postal tube. Ready to frame or stick directly to your wall.

Tea Towel with lyrics for "What It Is" (+£5)

The lyrics from the closing track on the album are very dear to me. As such I've had them printed on a tea towel, which you can now get exclusively with your pre-order!

It's also a bit of a weepy song... so you can alternatively use the tea towel as a giant hankie. Or even, as I have, hang one on your wall!

Limited Edition Necklace (Red, Green, Blue) (+£20)

The original silver "Ange Hardy" necklaces were such a success that I wanted to offer some alternatives for the new album. These new designs are cast in pewter with the options of red, green or blue coloured enamel (all of which match the colour palette from the album artwork!). They're absolutely stunning - and strictly limited in numbers!

Once In a Lifetime Options

There's only ONE available of each of these - when they're gone... they're gone!

Update: The songwriting holiday has now been taken, as has the house concert... and the one day studio experience!

[SOLD OUT] House Concert anwhere in the UK (£500)

Tracks from Bring Back Home, my back catalogue, and any special requests. Performed in your living room (or another suitable space). It's your chance for a very intimate and exclusive concert.

Dates and final details will all be arranged after booking.

[SOLD OUT] Studio Experience Day (£400)

A chance to spend a day in the recording studio in Somerset with me, recording a demo together and learning about the studio and production process. This would be great fun for anybody with an interest in recording and the music industry - if you're not a musician yourself you'd still be able to get a lot out of it! This would be a wonderful insight into the world of album production for any fan - whether your interest is in the musical element, the technical side, or just someone who enjoys drinking a lot coffee in a dark room with massive speakers.

Dates and final details will all be arranged after booking.

Two Day Studio Recording Session (£800)

The chance to spend two days in the recording studio with me, with a night in a local B&B. Two days is long enough to record, edit and mix a half-decent demo. This would be more suited to a musician that has a bit more of an agenda for achieving an end result than the single day studio experience would allow.

Dates and final details will all be arranged after booking.

[SOLD OUT] Two Day Songwriting Holiday in Somerset with accomodation and workshop (£1000)

We did this last year, and it was absolutely brilliant! Two nights accomodation at the wonderful Old Rectory Coach House in West Somerset, with a full day workshop on songwriting. We'll talk about all sorts of writing techniques and methods, and have the opportunity to work on writing some songs together.

Dates and final details will all be arranged after booking.

Donation options

Gift a copy of the album to someone else in your name

I often donate copies of albums to stage crew, volunteers in theatres, community radio stations, folk club organisers... people that generally just deserve to get a freebie. The cost of these adds up substantially over the years. If you'd like to you can pay for one of these donated copies - and we'll write your name on it so the happy recipient knows just how kind and generous you were!

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