Wimborne Minster Folk Festival - Dorset (Folk Festival)

Sunday 15th June 2014 from 16:00

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"Ange will be performing songs from her current four star album 'Bare Foot Folk' along side songs from her highly anticipated pending new release 'The Lament of the Black Sheep'. Using her live looping machine, she layers harmonies before your eyes creating depth and warmth to her voice all carried by the undercurrent of her beautifully delicate guitar picking, she takes time to tell the stories behind the penning of her songs and takes you on a musical journey deep into her folk roots."

Line up : 

Little Johnny England
Gavin Davenport Band
Chris Leslie
PJ Wright & Brooks Williams
Catherine Howe, Vo Fletcher and Ric Sanders
Mike Silver
Simon Care Trio
Wendy Arrowsmith
George Papavgeris
The Jigantics
The Paper Trains
Gregg Cave Duo
Two Coats Colder
Rosie Eade Band
No Fixed Abode
The Bounty Hounds
Tinkers Bag
Ange Hardy, 
Jess Vincent, 
Forbes Moncrieff, 
Kelly Oliver,
Kirsty Bromley, 
Sunjay Brayne, 
Louise Jordan, 
Ellie Ford, 
Alan West, 
little Rach 
George Frakes 

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