Songwriting Workshops

A turbulent childhood meant Ange Hardy left school at the age of 14 with no qualifications. She spent her entire young life considering herself to be illiterate. Yet at the age of 33 Ange Hardy has already written, arranged, recorded and produced 76 studio recorded songs spanning 5 albums and 3 singles. At least 12 of those songs have been played on BBC Radio 2, several have been used on BBC One, and in the last two years she’s received funding from both Arts Council England and EFDSS to research and write lyrics. Her songbooks are already overflowing with as-yet-unrecorded new material, all written sitting at her kitchen table surrounded by the distractions and noise of a young family.

Ange Hardy – getting a song started (and getting a song finished!):

In this workshop Ange will share a number of song writing techniques and practices that work for her. With a focus on techniques to break through the initial barrier of starting to write a new song and also techniques for critiquing and finishing your song. She will also introduce you to a variety of online and offline tools for song writing. With both informative and practical elements to the workshop it’s very likely you’ll leave with the start of a new song, or the end to an unfinished one. At the very least you will leave brimming with ideas and inspiration and a few new tools under your belt.

Bring a pen and paper if you can, and unfinished songs and instruments if you want - the focus will be primarily on themes, lyrics, structures and inspiration.

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