When Christmas Day is Near - 2015 Christmas Single (CD or Mp3)

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Available as either a CD in a card wallet or an MP3 download (the CD version also comes with a free instant download).

My 2015 Christmas single. These three songs shine a light on hope and happiness. 'William Frend' is from my most recent album Esteesee, both 'Solidarity' and 'When Christmas Day is Near' are songs I wrote in November this year.

When Christmas Day is Near

In November 2015 I decided I'd try to write a song that captures the joy, hope and unity of Christmas, the promise of a new year to come and everything we love about the season.

Three berries white and gold
Hang tight to the mistletoe
Oh a single kiss for a Christmas wish
Does make for a joyful soul!

Three stockings red and white
Hang tight to the fireside
All filled to the brim of the golden trim
In the mid of a Christmas night

When Christmas Day is near
When Christmas Day is near
Tis true delight to prepare for the night
When Christmas Day is near

Three children bright and young
All to their bedrooms run
With a carrot and a pie and a glass filled high
In the hope Saint Nic will come

Three candles light their way
To their bedrooms go to pray
To be thankful for all they have in store
And remember those away

One heavenly star shines bright
One world under one sky
Will all rejoice in united voice
For the new year to come by

William Frend

A track from my 2015 studio album Esteesee, inspired by the life and work of the romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. This track also features the lovely Steve Pledger (vocals), Steve Knightley (vocals), Patsy Reid (viola) and Lukas Drinkwater (double bass & vocals).


Written the day after the 2015 Paris attacks at the Bataclan, with heavy heart and hopeful soul.

Oh I will for all solidarity, oh I will for equality of men.
Oh I will for freedom; for all to be even, oh I will for all wars to end.

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