The Quantock Carol & Mary's Robin - 2016 Christmas Single (CD or Mp3)

My 2016 Christmas single, two original songs: The Quantock Carol & Mary's Robin, posted as a CD single with an instant download of the tracks in your confirmation email.

The Quantock Carol

Track 1 - 1:22 - written by Ange Hardy, 2016

I wrote these words for a world in which peace seems more important and less certain than ever. I live in a village nestled alongside the Quantock hills, one of the most serene landscapes I've ever known. I hope someday the world might be as peaceful as these hills.

May peace be mine this Christmas time
To share with all around
And peace be with the ones I love
And those I’ve not yet found

May peace be with the suffering
Who in this season grieve
And peace be with the little ones
To whom this world we leave

May peace be in the memories
Of all we’ve left behind
And peace be in the lives we lead
And in the new year find

May peace be in the hardest times
And in the silence too
May peace be in this world today
And may peace be with you

Mary's Robin

Track 2 - 1:49 - written by Ange Hardy, 2016

Based on a Gaelic legend (Spideog Mhuire) the story of Mary’s Robin is set in the stable in Bethlehem. While the baby Jesus lay asleep in the manger the fire that kept him warm grew out of control. The little brown robin flew between the new born baby and the fire to save him, and in doing so singed his chest on the flying embers. The robin has had a red breast ever since.

Sing little robin for
we long to hear you calling
It was a Christmas long ago
you stood up tall and brave

We will remember
your breast is red from embers
You stood before our saviour
our new born king did save

Sing little robin
and shelter for snow is falling
Sing little robin
and call in the Christmas morning

Show your breast
as red as the holly berry
Round and proud so all will know

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