Findings - 2016 Album (CD or Mp3)

Findings are the parts used to join jewellery components together to form a completed article. This is an album about daughters and their homelands, wives and their husbands, sisters and their brothers, children and their parents, fathers and their grandfathers, parting and joining, mothers and their families.

It’s also about Lukas and I writing, recording and performing as a duo. We’ve created an album of music together that neither one of us could have created alone. Interwoven with new songs that we've written this album contains our own findings, traditional songs that we’ve found a love for and verses or lines from traditional material that have found their way into our songs.

This album is simultaneously my most stripped back and most full on piece of production. It's had more studio time than any other album I've recorded to date. As well as me (vocals, guitar, harp, whistle) and Lukas Drinkwater (vocals, guitar, double bass) the album features the incredible musical contributions of Archie Churchill-Moss (diatonic accordion), Ciaran Algar (fiddle), Evan Carson (percussion), Nancy Kerr (guest vocals), Kathryn Roberts (guest vocals) and Steve Pledger (backing vocals).

The CD has been beautifully presented in a limited edition case, embossed and hot foiled with a booklet containing lyrics and the stories behind the songs.

If you'd like to buy a digital copy of the album you can get it from here (highest quality available, with a digital booklet!) or you can get it from your favourite store:




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