Ange Hardy Pewter Necklaces

Necklaces custom made with my logo! These were made to my design and measure about 3.2cm in diameter and come on a chain. I wore the master cast of this design to the 2015 Folk Awards :)

Pewter is a durable alternative to silver made from tin, copper and antimony. The necklaces are cast by a Cornish jeweller. Each necklace is then fettled and polished, with the whole process resulting in individually unique items... a bit like a live performance, no two are exactly the same!

They're presented in a lovely box and make the perfect gift for someone who already has all of my CDs :p

Ange Hardy custom designed necklace in a presentation box
Ange Hardy custom designed necklace out of the box
Ange Hardy custom designed necklace on wood
Red Enamel version
Green Enamel version
Blue Enamel version
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