You can now pre-order "The Lament of the Black Sheep"

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There is now a new website for the new album! You can find it here:

The Lament of the Black Sheep (

It's got the album artwork, track listings and lyrics on it...

... and between today and March 31st you can pre-order your copy of my new album. YAY!

Why pre-order?

The expected date for shipping pre-orders is May 14th, a full 4 months ahead of public release on September 13th.

You can also opt to have a special mention on the inlay, or if you want to be more involved you can  sponsor an aspect of the production of the album :)

A surprising number of people commented on the fact that Bare Foot Folk didn't include the lyrics booklet with the CD. So for this (my third studio album!) we've planned a limited edition run of CD's in a gorgeous matte case with a beautiful 20-page booklet crammed full of lyrics and notes about the songs.

Posted by Ange Hardy on February 22nd 2014

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