'White As Snow'- The Story Behind The Song

A tale inspired by a scene in the film “Another Earth”. This song was written while sitting at my kitchen table during the heavy snowfall of March 2013.

We were snowed in so we settled down under a blanket and watched the sci fi film “Another Earth.” In this film there was a scene that sent chills to my soul and must have really connected with me as I saw it in my dreams that night too. A young girl in ran into the cold of night in a state of desperation she laid bare on the ground and froze. Grim! But very hard hitting and a good classic folk tale.

Why did the young girl run into the snow

and run beyond the dark of night into the heart of cold”

The following morning I sat at the kitchen table looking into our wooded garden, thick with snow. I started to think about what drove her to this, the imagery was very vivid. I could relate to the depth of cold she would have felt. When I was on the streets in Ireland I found that after a while the cold 'becomes' you, deep in your bones. I remember going into warm cafe's and still shivering after a few hours as my bones remained icy.

Coldness crept over into her very bones

she blew into the darkness onto fingers turned to stone”

I knew I wanted this to be an acapella track before I even started to write it and it started life very much as a poem. It needed to be haunting, to hang in the air in the way her breath would have that night. I could feel the silence as her breath left her and her hearing failed...

While muted birds watched her the air it held no sound

She caught her cold it took her life and dead it laid her down”

And so I leave you with this final, haunting image...

The whitest of faces as white as the ground

looks up toward heaven 
while heaven looks down”

To read the lyrics, listen to this song or find out more about the album click on the picture or click here.  

Posted by Ange Hardy on February 17th 2014

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