What's this "pre-ordering" thing all about?

We're down to the last few days in which you can pre-order 'The Lament of the Black Sheep'...

… and a few people have been saying: “Pre-ordering? What's that then?!”

Pre-ordering is ordering something in advance of it being available (so says the dictionary).

This album doesn't exist yet (although I am actually now sitting here listening to the guitar and vocal on the first track!) and it's not due for official release until September 13th.

So, just to clear things up:

Pre-ordering before April 1st.

This is what the countdown is for, and what we've really been calling “pre-orders”.

Those albums will be dispatched for an expected delivery date of May 14th whilst everyone else has to wait until September 13th.

That's the main part of the reward you get for being such an early bird... you get your copy of the album a full four months before public release!

If you're placing your pre-order before April 1st you can also choose to have special thanks in the album inlay (because the artwork hasn't yet been finalised)...

(If you're asking why we don't just release it on May 14th, it's because we need time to get some initial reviews and radio airplay before the release so we can make the biggest possible splash on release day!).

Ordering before it's released but after April 1st

Okay, so strictly speaking you can still “pre-order” between April 1st and September 12th... If you do you then you'll get your album on the official release date of September 13th.

But this is really no different to just ordering the album with a long delivery time.

There's no special perks other than knowing it will be dispatched to arrive on (or possibly a few days before) the official release.

If you “pre-order” after April 1st it's really just “ordering it a long time ahead of it being delivered”....


After September 13th all albums will be dispatched from stock when orders are received, or made available for immediate download.

... right, off you go and place your pre-order then! ;)


Posted by Ange Hardy on March 29th 2014

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