A communal song where each line is written by twitter followers within the boundaries of the 140 character tweet! 

Starting with just one man on the road... I wonder where his journey will take him?

"Down by the blackened boarders of the road all lined with tar, where once I met an old man who had parted from his car"  

Here's how it works...

To Write a line: Write your line within the restraints of one tweet (a rhyming couplet would be much appreciated) and MOST IMPORTANTLY remember to write #TwitterFolkSong at the end of your tweet. 

To read the song lines so far: simply go to twitter and type #TwitterFolkSong into the search bar or click on the hash tag link at the top of the image to the right and the submissions will come up in a list. (submissions read from bottom to top) 

Rules: None really, the starting point is the first tweet (at the top of this page) what happens next is up to you, you can build on an existing set of lines or go your own way! you don't have to follow on from someone else's tweet. I won't use all lines but will try my best! Keep it clean if you can please :-) 

Here are some that have already been added to give you some ideas: 

 He waited for the snow to fall, that balmy April day. He waited and he waited but the sun got in the way.

 The old man opened up the boot,took out a pair of skis. A bobble hat upon his head, protectors on his knees

He needed a mechanic; a chiropodist came and so, He couldn't fix the car but he could give the man a toe 

Posted by Ange Hardy on April 14th 2016

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