BBC Radio 3 - "The Verb" - tonight at 10pm!

Wow - so tonight I'm on “The Verb” on BBC Radio 3 with Ian McMillan, along with the wonderful Isy Suttie (actress, writer, comedian from Peep Show amongst many other things) Lisa Jen Brown (lead singer from 9BACH and, I now know, actress too!) and Fiona Lesley Bennet (Poetry Exchange). Listen live from 10pm! BBC Radio 3.

I get to talk about my recent discovery of poetry and Coleridge, and Lukas and I got to play a few live songs in the studio too!

Was really cool to get to explore BBC MediaCityUK, it's a pretty big place! Just getting past the security (and loading and unloading the van) was an adventure.

There was also a lot of cake!

We had a fantastic time in the studio, the team were absolutely gorgeous. Huge thanks Kay, Jessica, Cecile and Chris.

Definitely the most well organised radio interview I've ever been part of, and 9 hours in the van driving to Manchester and back gave us a good chance to devise lots of plans for the rest of the year.

Here are some twitter links for you to follow the show and the lovely ladies on it :-)

The Verb @R3TheVerb
Ian McMillan @IMcMillan
Isy Suttie @Isysuttie
Lisa Jen Brown @lisajenbrown
Fiona Lesley Bennet (Poetry Exchange) @PoetryExch

Posted by Ange Hardy on January 29th 2016

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