'The Little Holly Tree' - 2014 Christmas Single

Remember that long list of things I did during November? Well, I did leave one little thing off the list...

At the end of November I wrote a rather festive song. I wrote it on the Friday, prepared the artwork on the Saturday, performed it at a gig on the Monday, recorded it in the studio on the Tuesday, and it was with the CD replicators by the Wednesday...

We also filmed a video for it in the garden last weekend and posted the CD's out to lots of people on Tuesday... because, y'know, there's not really enough stuff going on at Christmas already ;)

The song was inspired by a lone holly tree that I saw near the tiny village of Chumleigh while flyer dropping with Steve Pledger for the final week of our Just Passing Through tour.

By way of saying "Merry Christmas" I've posted a free copy of the CD to everyone that has ever paid for an album on my website (that seemed like a good idea before I spent 3 solid days packing envelopes!) if you're not one of those you can either find it on iTunes, Spotify, or buy it from my website. I'm also going to be including a copy with all the Christmas bundles sold on my website.

I'll be performing the song live and completely unplugged, with the lovely Steve Pledger providing backing vocals, during the BBC Somerset Christmas Special (during which I'll also be playing my Harp for the first time ever in public... no pressure!).
So, on that note I'd like to just say Merry Christmas! May your new year be full of love, laughter and music! :)

Ange x

'Song of The Day' - Laurel Canyon on Sunday 14th December

Posted by Ange Hardy on December 11th 2014

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