The Folk Show Treasure Hunt Song #5

Track 5 "Friends of Three "

Wednesday 19th August at  9pm

On The Wood and The Wire / AHBS with Keith Peverly & Pat Thornby

Online live link:

The Team:

Ange Hardy (vocals, guitar, whistle)
Steve Knightley (tenor guitar)
Patsy Reid (fiddle, viola & cello)
Lukas Drinkwater (double bass)
Jonny Dyer (piano)
Jo May (rope tension snare drum & triangle)
Andrew Pearce (drum kit)
Archie Churchill-Moss (diatonic accordion)
Kate Rouse (hammered dulcimer)

The Song:

Coleridge’s relationship with William and Dorothy Wordsworth whilst living in Nether Stowey was a huge part of his life. They would walk the Quantock Hills and around Exmoor together, talking and dreaming.

I was inspired to write this by Beacon Hill on the Quantocks and wanted to create a soundscape that invoked that view in the outro.

The Lyrics:

On a cold and careless winter’s morn’
With quill and coat adorned

Take to the hills all for to walk

All over the heathery moorland.

The climb, the hill, the rustic path,
The broken wall beside us,

And to the open skies at last

We on the moors resided.

And in the upward Quantock breeze
Where proud the beacon rises

We look toward the icy sea

And to the shores of Cardiff.

Sir Wordsworth he will walk with me
To talk of all besides us

The sweet and lovely Dorothy
Between our words will guide us.

And so the days we friends of three
With all the Lord provided
Will spend in splendid company
And all of life confided.

Posted by Ange Hardy on August 17th 2015

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