The Esteesee Team: 2015 Awards

I have been blown away by the incredible support and enthusiasm we have received regarding the making of and success of Esteesee. Now a multi award winning album, Esteesee is the result of many creative hearts working together as a team and so I wanted to publicly recognize that this journey and these awards are not mine alone.

Rob Swan, Olly Winters-Owen, Sam John, Steve Knightley, Lukas Drinkwater, Patsy Reid, Archie Churchill-Moss, Steve pledger, Jo May, Kate Rouse, Andrew Pierce, Jonny Dyer, Tamsin Rosewell and David Milton 

Look what you did! ….

FATEA Tradition Award 2015
The Telegraph's Best Folk Albums of 2015
Album of the year 2015 - FolkWords
Album of the year from a Female Artist 2015 - FolkWords
Album of the year 2015 - Readifolk, Neil King
Album of the year 2015 - Stafford FM Folk Show
Album of the year 2015 - Laurel Canyon
Best Albums of 2015 - BBC Merseyside Folkscene
Best Albums of 2015 - Roger Williams, A world of Difference
Best Albums of 2015 - Ian Leak, Frome FM
Best Albums of 2015 - Sonic Bandwagon
Best Albums of 2015 - Roots and Fusion
Best Albums of 2015 - Songwriters Circle
Best Albums of 2015 - Macwood Fleet
Best Albums of 2015 - Hairy dave's Folk
Best Albums of 2015 - Chris TT 

Love you all. Thank you. x

Posted by Ange Hardy on January 11th 2016

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