The "Along the Coleridge Way" tour is getting closer!

Esteesee is getting good reviews and Along the Coleridge Way is close to starting :-)

Hello friends, fans and folky family!

Wow! So, it’s autumn already… the summer disappeared in a haze of festivals, concerts, and little people running around the house reciting verses from Coleridge.

The album is officially out on September 24th… and if you can believe it the Along the Coleridge Way Tour which runs for 14 nights between October 3rd-18th is now just around the corner!

If you’re planning on coming to one of those tour dates (and I’d love it if you did!) PLEASE do book tickets in advance! I’ve actually just posted a blog about the importance of advance ticket sales (SABIA - Support Artists Buy in Advance).

If you’re coming a distance, let us know and we’ll point you toward good and affordable local accommodation.

Book your October tour tickets:

Esteesee is getting lots of radio airplay!

If you’ve missed the hype, the new album has been going down pretty well :)

If you’ve still not heard any of it you can listen to three of the songs, and read further into their background, on Folk Radio UK:
All the pre-orders should have now been delivered, and the first round of radio copies was sent out just under 3 weeks ago. So far every single track on the album has had FM airplay on at least two different stations… which I’m really, really happy about!
Most stations have played at least two or three songs and Sonic Bandwagon went as far as to broadcast the entire album from start to finish during a special Coleridge themed show…!
It’s been played on BBC Radio 2, BBC Scotland, BBC Wales and BBC Ulster, Mike Harding has played it on his independent folk show, and it’s also already had a lot of airplay in North America, Canada, Australia and The Netherlands… it’s fair to say it’s been going down fairly well…

Buy Esteesee now (£11.99 delivered)

Help me get the album out there!
We’re still only just on the cusp of making my full-time career sustainable. What would be really, really great would be helping to spread the word… if you’ve enjoyed the album then it would be awesome if you’d like to email radio stations to request your favourite tracks or point people in my general direction :)
The Radio 2 Folk Show, Jools Holland, Chris Evans, your local radio station, your local folk festival… they all respond to emails, tweets and Facebook messages :)

If you’d like to help but you’re not sure how, Rob has a separate mailing list which he uses to help organise specific events:

Join my Virtual Street Team mailing list

The "Along the Coleridge Way" tour is being supported by using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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Posted by Ange Hardy on September 18th 2015

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