Recording 'The Lament of the Black Sheep' ~ Day 9 in the studio

So, how many of you, after reading my blog last night managed to guess what my mystery instrument was?

Anyone remember these???

I'm not so sure we will be using it on the album but Jo May has very kindly said I could keep it as a memento so I believe it may well be making an appearance on tour ;)

I am pooped! I squeezed every little tiny puff of fabulousness out of the lovely Jon Dyer today, the tones coming from his playing are simply breathtaking. We worked very very hard to get everything we needed but I'm happy we have that and more so it was an exhausting but unquestionable success. Wow... that man can play! We now have a haunting intro to 'The Cull', some incredible techniques used in 'The Daring Lassie' and some, well... 'epicness' in 'The Bow To The Sailor'.

Tomorrow I get to share the day with one of my biggest inspirations from the past year as the immensely talented James Findlay joins me in the studio to add fiddle and fine vocals to a number of the songs on the album. We also have Ross Alexander (my photographer) in the studio so there will be more photo's too :-)  

Well, I know Jon will sleep well tonight! As will I (if I can get over all this excitement!)

Until next time!

Ange x

Posted by Ange Hardy on April 8th 2014

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