Recording 'The Lament of the Black Sheep' ~ Day 8 in the studio

Listening to these songs grow into the skin I have crafted for them is like watching a young child walk for the first time and then for them to fall into your lap for a big squeezie cuddle.

Having Jo May in the studio and work on my songs was very special, we ended up with percussion which sat inside my songs so comfortably you'd have thought it'd grown there, just perfect. We had a good giggle too! Jo said she'd found the perfect instrument to go on the album, before she came into the studio with it, I tried to guess what it was! My guesses were a 'baaaaa-njo' or a 'ewe-kelele' but I was quite wrong, so... what's your guess? (If you get it right I'll let you hear a sample tomorrow)

Oh, I nearly forgot... we have spoons! And not just any old spoons either! Take a look at this video of where these fabulous spoons came from... Starting out, falling from an aeroplane, destined for destruction but with life curving their existence, they ended up as beautifully crafted spoons destined to make music on my album. I do love a good story!

Right, amply plied with Wine, stew with dumplings and a hearty pudding of the creamy ice variety (I know, I know... the waistline!) I'm just about ready to turn in and try to get some sleep before tomorrow when we add one of my favourite instruments to the album, the whistle (and flute) as the immensely talented Mr Jon Dyer joins me for yet another day of dream making. I can't wait :-)

Night all xx

Posted by Ange Hardy on April 7th 2014

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