Recording 'The Lament of the Black Sheep' ~ Day 7 in the studio

Curry! I need curry! And wine... yes, definitely wine! Red of course as that is always my celebratory tipple of choice, and today I feel I definitely have good reason to celebrate! I have had Alex in the studio all day and not only did we have a blast (sooo much fun!) we also recorded all of the tracks I was hoping to do and good God did he do them well! Beautiful, gritty, fun, warm, soft, edgy...totally inspired! He captured the heart of each song and filled it to the brim with squeeziemajig magic. Wow. I'm just buzzing!

It's been an exciting but exhausting week and it feels amazing to be home again, to cuddle my Rob and my baby boy (who has grown so much in just one week and his speaking is coming on leaps and bounds... he now calls me 'mummy' instead of 'mum mum'). Gutted that Amy is away though so I've another whole week before I see her again :(

Today was a real taster of the week to come. There are session musicians in on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday... then I need to get another couple of new tracks recorded on the Friday, so it's going to be quite a busy but productive week.

It was really wonderful seeing Alex getting so inspired by “The Sailors Farewell”, can't wait for Jo May to add percussion to it on Monday.

Right, time to try and switch off for a couple of days :)  

Posted by Ange Hardy on April 4th 2014

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