Recording 'The Lament of the Black Sheep' ~ Day 6 in the studio

So today we did lots of little fixes and a very amusing vocal on 'The Woolgatherer' I'm satisfied that I've really captured the heart of the song, unlike my vocal for 'The Cull' which I am afraid I will be needing to re-do. Win some lose some I guess... what I do know is that it has to be right. I will try again next week.

I'm loving listening to the other tracks we've done so far. I am currently listening to them on loop, tearing them to pieces, picking out the slightest imperfections so that now all I hear is the odd bit of editing that needs doing and not the song as a whole anymore... what I would give for fresh ears again, to hear them for the first time... to feel that impact, I am so jealous that you all get to do that!

Last night I could not get to sleep and awoke early, a mixture of excitement and homesickness left me in no state to sleep despite a full stomach, warm bath and comfy b&b. If I struggled to sleep for excitement last night then tonight I am doomed as tomorrow Alex Cumming joins me in the studio! I'm absolutely bursting to hear what comes out of tomorrow. “There be magic in them fingers and that there squeezimajig, I knows it!”

Posted by Ange Hardy on April 3rd 2014

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