Recording 'The Lament of the Black Sheep' ~ Day 5 in the studio

Oops! Look at my (guitar picking) finger! (I know it doesn't look much but it flipping hurt!) I just had the most lovely warm bath in the hope of warming through the aches in my shoulders after tracking guitar all day and the plug got stuck! I tried to pull it out and it wouldn't budge so I gave it my best tug, at that, the chain hook bent and flung up past my fingers taking chunks of skin with it...luck would have it that it was below the bend in my knuckle so I can still play!

It was a good day although it was very editing heavy so progress felt slow and the rest of it was tracking guitar which had me sat in a hunched position trying to keep perfectly still whilst playing perfect takes of scratchy sections of complicated guitar pieces (ring a bell fellow musicians?) anyhow... we did all that I'd hoped for today and the album really is starting to take shape now.

So today we finished my parts for 'The Cull' so it is now ready for the awesomeness that is Mr Jon Dyer's whistle work. Tomorrow we tackle the vocals for 'The Woolgatherer' which we did the guitar for today, as I sang it roughly today for Olly he got a fit of the giggles when I came to it's punch line so I think that it will have the desired effect when it's finished. I'm happy with that :-)

A Fish supper followed by doughnuts and hot chocolate and a warm bubble bath has readied me for an early night and a good sleep so I'm off to bed! Until next time....

Ange x

Posted by Ange Hardy on April 2nd 2014

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