Recording 'The Lament of the Black Sheep' ~ Day 3 in the studio

With it being Mothering Sunday yesterday I took the opportunity to embrace being a mother and to embrace my mother too. What a lovely day. I was woken with a box of chocolates... (literally, my 2 year old threw them at my face! Bless him!) He climbed into bed beside me along with my daughter and the two of them munched on my chocolates while I came round! I love being a mum. We had a great carvery with my mum and brother too and having had a lie in I was totally refreshed and ready for the studio this morning.

Ready and raring to go I was gutted to find my start to the week was thrown out before we even started as we had a diary disaster and somehow, through miss-communication had not actually confirmed the booking for the mixing days for the album... and now Olly is fully booked! We finally managed to juggle things around and get a week booked for the end of April but it will push everything back by at least 2 weeks :-(

We will still have the first round of albums (radio, review and pre-order copies) out in May though so all is not lost. However, after abstaining for almost 4 weeks from wine for lent I have found myself a nice glass of red tonight!

We have now finished my guitar and vocal tracks for 3 songs, 'The Sailors Farewell', 'The Bow To The Sailor' and 'The Daring Lassie'. Have you noticed yet, that all of the songs start with 'The'? I like to think of them all as little short stories and all of my favourite stories start with 'The'... 'The Northern Lights', 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff', 'The Shawshank Redemption', 'The Bible'... I thought it was a nice way to go about naming my stories.

I'm in the B&B for the next 4 nights being spoiled with amazing meals with no cooking or washing up and made beds! My wonderful Rob is at home with Amy keeping our ship afloat and Luke is with my equally wonderful Mum for the night. I already miss them but the lovely Bella Hardy is keeping me company (tonight's album is Battleplan).

Tomorrow see's us working on 'The Gamblers Lot' ready for the traditional delights of Alex Cumming's accordion on Friday. It's all very exciting :-)

Ange x

Posted by Ange Hardy on March 31st 2014

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