Recording 'The Lament of the Black Sheep' ~ Day 2 in the studio

Well, today started with a bit of a bump as we flew into a vocal track only to find distortion in the mic caused by dust in the faders so it was nearly an hour before we managed to clear the line and get some vocal tracks down but when we did I surprised even myself with one of the most beautiful vocal performances of my life!

Having finished our first track we moved on to the epic song that is 'The Bow to The Sailor'. It is the most fully produced song on the album, one which will have all of the guest musicians on it... and it's way out of my comfort zone! I had to really get into character... it's very different for me but works really well.

Willow Elizabeth is sounding stunning, warm and gentle yet ringing out beautifully and not a single buzz :-)

I drove home listening to the legendary voice of James Findlay (if you don't have his album 'Another Day Another Story' then you are seriously missing out!). I really can't wait to see how his incredible voice adds to this album... I'm very excited!

So now? It's the weekend. Lots of cuddles with the kids and a very large curry with my gorgeous husband followed by my Granna's 90th party tomorrow and a meal out with my wonderful Mum and my Brother on Sunday. Very #HappyAnge.

Posted by Ange Hardy on March 28th 2014

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