Recording 'The Lament of the Black Sheep' ~ Day 12 in the studio

I found myself having no choice but to chuckle as I waited in the queue in co-op for my pint of milk on the way to the studio today. A chap in front of me stood with no shirt on alongside his slightly roundish lady friend who was proudly donning a strappy top and a rather sore looking burn line around her neck… yes, the first day of sun has arrived and we are proud to be British! Hehe.

Jokes aside, it is rather lovely to have the sun back in the sky and some dry land under foot though, not that I really got to see much of it as the studio sits inside a barn building with no windows and dim lighting. The only time I go outside is when I need to use the little girls room and today I cowered like a vampire in the sunrise, squinting and hissing at the sky every time I ventured out!

I am achy today. From my head to my shoulders, my back to my feet. We managed to complete two songs, 'The Raising And The Letting Go' and 'The Young Librarian' which now only need editing and mixing, both with soft vocals and warm guitar, these were a joy to sing and play. (Especially singing 'The Young Librarian' along to the warm and fruity bass line Mr Lukas Drinkwater has created for the piece, 'tis like delving into a hot bowl of Apple pie and custard on a winters day!)

I now have a little break before returning to the studio next Friday to record the last 5 songs and to complete the editing and mixing. (All to be done in the final six 10 hour long days!!!) before sending the tracks off to be mastered on the 6th and then away to be pressed with a view of getting out the (March) pre-orders for something like May 26th (official release: 13th September).

So... a few weeks off? No... don't be silly! We have artwork, inlay, promo/publicity, press releases, shopping for launch concert outfit, rehearsal for gigs and the existing tracks need going through with a fine tooth comb before editing work starts… best not forget kids, house, husband and cats too I suppose ;)

In the words of my good friend Lukas...

Pip Pip.

Posted by Ange Hardy on April 15th 2014

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