Recording 'The Lament of the Black Sheep' ~ Day 11 in the studio

Epically Epic Day!

Tonight's blog is a little late due to the wine run on the way home and the fact that I've been lost in listening to these tracks on loop from the minute I got through the door, I just can't stop! We have had Lukas Drinkwater in the Studio today and his bass has just glued everything together, the last piece of the jigsaw.

The real gem to come out of today was 'The Bow To The Sailor' which is absolutely beyond my wildest dreams now and has me holding my breath in anticipation as it builds through the song. The unexpected gem was 'The Young Librarian' where Lukas has created a stunning bass line which absolutely blew me away, he is one VERY talented young man and a joy to spend a day with. Having met a lot of musicians this year I can honestly say, he is one of the finest out there.

I am buzzing, I can't believe how this is all coming together. I ruddy loves my job!

Ok, so, that's all the guest musicians squeezed within an inch of their lives, their many talents captured and crafted into my new album with great thanks. They all deserve a very large glass of their favourite tipple (which they will get on launch night ;) and lots of attention from you lovely peoples so please do check them out, follow them, support them and share the love for...

Alex CummingJo MayJon DyerJames Findlay & Lukas Drinkwater.

(Take a bow)

Ange xx

Posted by Ange Hardy on April 10th 2014

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