Recording 'The Lament of the Black Sheep' ~ Day 10 in the studio

Epic day!

It was incredible hearing the legend in the making, James Findlay, singing my songs! Amazing!

His fiddle playing bought out little accents in the songs that I didn't even know were there and as for his vocal work... well, just incredible. I can't wait to listen back to what we've done today.

My real vocal highlights from today were 'The Wanting Wife' and 'The Gambers Lot' and fiddle? Definitely 'The Bow To The Sailor'.

I've popped a few photo's here from the morning but as we had the photographer in I've decided to mostly wait for the proper photo's to come in. I think there should be some lovely ones of the day.

Tomorrow we have yet more talent in the studio as I share a day with the gorgeous Lukas Drinkwater and his even more gorgeous bass. The level of talent of these young men is outstanding and in some ways I'm pleased tomorrow is the last of the guest days as I'm not sure my heart can take much more of this excitement!

Beef wellington, wine and sticky toffee pud??? don't mind if I do ;)

Posted by Ange Hardy on April 9th 2014

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