Proud to be a patron of LCM (Laurel Canyon Music)

I'm really delighted to be able to announce that I've been asked to be a patron of LCM (Laurel Canyon Music)

I love writing, recording, producing and performing folk music. I’m lucky enough to be able to call it a profession. In the five years that I've been ‘on the circuit’ the one thing that has, time and time again, filled me with joy is the knowledge that I’m part of a family.

The folk circuit is full of kind and generous souls who are dedicated to promoting the thing that they love. It’s not for financial gain, not for fame, not for ego… but simply because we’ve all found something beautiful, and we want to share that thing with others.

I love the heart behind that, and I think it’s something that makes our little niche of a genre very, very special.

With that in mind I was delighted when Laurel Canyon Music asked me to be a patron. LCM have been a great support in the past, and it’s a real honour to be asked to be part of their team moving forwards.

Gary Smith has been a great supporter, and is really helping to drive the scene forwards - not just folk, but also country, roots and acoustic music - by enabling artists to reach larger audiences (online and offline) as well as helping audiences to discover new artists.

LCM aim to:

  • Help music fans connect and discover great new music
  • Help indie musicians promote their music and help them build relationships with supporters and industry professionals.
  • Provide independent music support services, practical training and artist development through our LCM 'Innovate' program and our network of excellent partners and supporters.
  • Organise and promote gigs (currently in London, England).
  • Post daily artist features and the latest music news across our social media.
  • Our LCM highly recommended artists will have their own personal promotional page on our website (including bio, music links, website contact details and upcoming gigs)
  • Review new albums, EP releases and live events. 
  • Provide funding and awards for selected music projects through the LCM Music Development Fund.
  • Forge partnerships with trusted proven organisations & groups with the same values and aims. 
  • We will also share the best places to find high quality live music and 'hand-picked' live music events for you to discover and enjoy.

If you’ve not done so already, why not go and join the Facebook group to find out what they’re all about:

Posted by Ange Hardy on November 25th 2017

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