Last 24 hours for some pre-order options - don't forget to order!

Oh, wow! Firstly - for the many, many, many of you that have pre-ordered... thank you. So much! It's been a little bit overwhelming.

If you've not yet pre-ordered, we're down to the last 24 hours of availability for any of the options that involve inlay printing... because the mastered files are back from New York and we'll be sending the album off for replicating this weekend!

So, if you'd like to dedicate a song to somebody, or get a special thank you in the inlay (several people have used this as an opportunity to get a mention for their folk club!) - this is your last chance.

Two of the more exclusive options sold very quickly - the weekend song writing holiday has been taken, as has the house concert option. However there's still the opportunity to come and spend a day or two in the recording studio with me - a great experience whether you're musical or just interested in the process :)

Thank you again for all of your support, I can't wait to share the album with you - not long now!

Ange x

Posted by Ange Hardy on October 12th 2017

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