Kubla Khan - painted by Tamsin Rosewell

The ever amazing Tamsin Rosewell, painter of folk songs, painted Kubla Khan as we recorded it on Esteesee. Today, on Coleridge's birthday, we thought it would be nice to share it :)

The picture is just so beautifully detailed with all sorts of hidden nods and references to both Kubla Khan and other songs (even Pantisocracy features in the painting!) that a single image just can't do it justice. This video is just panning around the one painting.

Thank you Tamsin for sharing this amazing piece of work! If you'd like to read about the painting in full details or buy high you can find it over at Hob's Lantern.

I'm just so humbled to think that this is actually going to end up hanging from a wall in our home!


p.s. Make sure you're watching it in HD to avoid missing most of the details :)

Posted by Ange Hardy on October 21st 2016

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