'Folk Findings', our new radio show on Blues and Roots Radio

Folk Findings is a new monthly radio show presented by Ange Hardy, Rob Swan and Lukas Drinkwater. Linking traditional, self-penned, well known and unknown folk songs together by pulling on the threads and seeing how they are connected.

  “It’s easy to go a bit mad when you’re stuck in a van with two other people for hours on end. We found that playing one song in the van very often led to playing another, and that sometimes the threads that linked the songs together were verging on the utterly ludicrous. So… well, that seemed like a good premise for a radio show!” - Ange

With an all-consuming but distinctly varied taste in music the three presenters aim to provide an hour-and-a-half of eclectic and entertaining light-hearted entertainment.

  “Basically, we just wanted an excuse to play our favourite songs on the radio” - Rob

Radio shows have had a tremendous influence on the personal and professional lives of all three of the show’s hosts, and it’s through a desire to keep the spirit of independent radio alive that they’ve embarked on this new adventure.

There’s no telling what the musical variety will be like, because no one really knows where the threads are going to lead. It’ll start with folk. It might stay with folk. But for all we know, if he can find a way to link it in Lukas might just break the format and start playing Lithuanian Technical Death Metal…

An independent non commercial station with a global audience and reputation for top quality shows. With it's HQ in Port Credit, Ontario, Canada they have hubs in Melbourne Australia, The UK, Ireland and Maui USA, running a 24 / 7 operation. Home to some of the worlds top independent and community radio hosts, Blues and Roots Radio has a growing number of specialized shows which are aired exclusively on the station. They have an unequalled global reputation for not only finding new artists and music, but for finding and creating top quality shows. Blues and Roots Radio has built a solid reputation as the leaders in their field and are considered one of the best online radio stations in the world.

  "Blues and Roots Radio is home to some of my all time favourite shows and presenters, so I'm absolutely delighted to be on board!" - Ange

Show Times

The show times for Folk Findings on Blues and Roots Radio (www.bluesandrootsradio.com) for the rest of this year (UK Time) are:

Folk Findings Episode #1

Thursday 13th October at 9pm (with live chat thread)

Sunday 16th October at 3am (Repeat)
Sunday 16th October (MixCloud)
Thursday 20th October at 9pm (Repeat)
Sunday 23rd October at 3am (Repeat)

Folk Findings Episode #2

Thursday 10th November at 9pm (with live chat thread)

Sunday 13th November at 3am (Repeat)
Sunday 13th November (MixCloud)
Thursday 17th November at 9pm (Repeat)
Sunday 20th November at 3am (Repeat)

Folk Findings Episode #3

Thursday 8th December at 9pm (with live chat thread)

Sunday 11th December at 3am (Repeat)
Sunday 11th December (MixCloud)
Thursday 15th December at 9pm (Repeat)
Sunday 18th December at 3am (Repeat)

Join the live chat thread here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/400272920074154/

Posted by Ange Hardy on October 11th 2016

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