#FolkFavorite: Alan Cole of Folk Festival Photos fame!

This week’s #FolkFavorite is Photographer Alan Cole of Folk Festival Photos fame!

Alan can be found at many concerts and festivals all over the country, taking beautiful photo’s at the heart of the live experience.

Capturing the atmosphere of a live performance takes something profound, he’s a fabulous photographer and has a genuine love and enthusiasm for the genre.

“Since its origins in 2007, Music Festival Photos has been supplying stock images to various artists, bands and record companies for their own promotional use as well as magazines, festivals and websites, of which I am the house photographer for Bright Young Folk and UK Folk Music.” - Alan Cole

He is vice chairman for Downend Folk Club in Bristol which is a brilliant new (and thriving!) venue providing quality acts which has not only managed to generate great performances time and time again, but is also creating a folk club platform for artists which provides large audiences and brilliant exposure!

Alan also does the lighting for many of these events and prides himself in getting it right.

Most of all… he's a genuinely lovely chap to have around!

Check him out and say hello: http://www.folkfestivalphotos.co.uk

Posted by Ange Hardy on May 22nd 2015

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