Findings Radio Play for the week of Monday 12th September

The live session on the BBC Radio 2 Folk Show with Mark Radcliffe will be available on iPlayer until Oct 12th.

Listen Again & On Demand Links

BBC Radio 2 / The Folk Show with Mark Radcliffe (Live Session starting at 19:20)

"A quality duo. There's frankly so much to admire, but the main thing is it sounds beautiful" 

On Demand / The Mike Harding Folk Show

"Complex, yet simple, passionate powerful and ultimately the real deal" 

BBC Gloucestershire / The Johnny Coppin Show (Live Session starting at 12:10)

"Fantastic duo" 

BBC Shropshire / Sunday Folk with Genevieve Tudor

"Just glorious"

Mixcloud / The Gary Hazlehurst Folk Show

"It's an album of the highest quality, an absolute triumph"

Mixcloud / Roots and Fusion with Richard Bolland (Album Give Away)

"The work that they put in to this release is phenomanal, not only musically but recording wize and the packaging too"

Mixcloud / Strange Brew with Steve Clarke

"An extrodinary piece of work, absolutely splendid"

Mixcloud / The Readifolk Radio Show with Ian Freedman

"The whole package is a masterclass in how to do it"

Mixcloud / The Countryfolk Show with Colin Smith

"It's a lovely album, absolutely beautiful" 

Mixcloud / Hairy Dave's Folk & Acoustic Music (Album of the Week)

"I didn’t think it could live up to the hype, but it does, A wonderful album"

Mixcloud / Forest Folk with Peter Aston

Mixcloud / Thank Goodness It's Folk

Mixcloud / Chris T-T's Midnight Campfire

On Demand / Song From Ireland with Wim Van Gent

BBC Scotland / The Iain Anderson Show with Diana Schad

Monday 12th September

2pm / The Countryfolk Show with Colin Smith

7pm / Roots and Shoots with Roger Pettit

8pm / Forest Folk with Peter Aston 
(Featured Album)

8pm / Acoustic Routes with David Chamberlain

9pm / Folk is not a rude word (and neither is Country) with Chris Giles

Tuesday 13th September

1.30am / Black Jack Davy Show with Andy Nagy

6pm / Liz Franklin's Folk Garden

8pm / Chris Arscott's Folk & acoustic Music Show 
(Album of The Month)

12 Midnight / Chris T-T's Midnight Campfire

Wednesday 14th September

7pm / BBC Radio 2 Folk Show with Mark Radcliffe
(Live Session - now available on player)

8pm / Hairy Dave's Folk & Acoustic Music
Album Of The Week)

9pm / Roots & Fusion with Richard Bolland 
(Findings Give Away!)

11pm / The Iain Anderson Show, Diana Schad sits in

Thursday 15th September

6pm / Chris Arscott's Folk & acoustic Music Show (Repeat) 
(Album of The Month)

7pm / Acoustic Routes with David Chamberlain (Repeat)

8pm / Strange Brew with Steve Clarke

Friday 16th September

10am / Thank Goodness It's Folk with James Fagan & Sam Hindley 

1.30pm / Acoustic Routes with David Chamberlain (Repeat)

9pm / Readifolk Radio Show with Ian Freedman

10pm / Acoustic cafe with Brian Player

10pm / Sonic Bandwagon with Mike Ainscoe and Nigel Cartner

Saturday 17th September

5.30pm / BBC Gloucestershire, Johnny Coppin's Folk Show

8pm / Song From Ireland with Wim Van Gent

Sunday 18th September

3am / From Albion And Beyond with Len Holton

9am / Carole Horton Show with Steve Clarke sitting in

5pm / The Mike Harding Folk Show

6pm / Genevieve Tudor's Sunday Folk

7pm / A World of Difference with Roger Williams 
(Album of The Week)

8pm / West Norfolk Radio

8pm / Gary Hazlehurst's Folk Show
(Album of The Week)

Posted by Ange Hardy on September 12th 2016

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