Find Folk Friday's & Folk Favourites!

It’s been really hard to try and stay connected with everyone while I’m in the studio. Weekdays are spent in the studio, evenings preparing for the following day, and weekends spent catching up with the family and children.

I’m not getting to spend anywhere near as much time talking to people or listening to folk shows as I’d like to.

So… I’ve come up with two new hash tags to try and help me stay involved and in touch.

Every Friday I’m going to do “#FindFolkFriday” and post a link to a folk artist you need to discover. It'd be lovely if you have a go too, it's so important that we all share our discoveries and support great musicians. 

I’m also going to try and do a midweek “#FolkFavourite” and point you in the direction of a radio station, presenter, magazine, or otherwise folky person that deserves a few minutes of attention!

So, my first #FolkFavourite is:

#FolkFavourite: Mike Norris

Mike is a Former English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) Chairman - and he hosts a rather excellent folk show! He speaks in depth and with knowledge, playing a wide variety of old and new, some very old and some very new! His love of a good story, a strong voice and folk tradition is obvious. I owe Mike a huge debt of thanks for introducing me to a vast number of new albums and musicians through his show:

You can listen to it here:

Posted by Ange Hardy on April 30th 2015

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