Esteesee: The Folk Radio Treasure Hunt - Monday 17th August to Friday 28th August

Independent folk shows have been a huge support to me over the past two years. Perhaps it's having a 3 year old son and watching too much Jake and the Neverland Pirates, or perhaps it's all that time I've spent reading the Ancient Mariner... but I really like the idea of sending listeners on a bit of a folk radio-show treasure hunt!

To coincide with the launch schedule of my new album I’ve compiled 14 independent radio shows than are on air in a consecutive order between Monday 17th August and Friday 28th August, and each station is going to play one exclusive track from the new album in consecutive order.

Then on Monday 31st of August all the radio stations get the full CD to share with listeners before the official release on September 24th.

Here’s the full schedule:

1. Classic Folk with Mike Norris / The Wireless
Track 1 "The Foster-Mother’s Tale" on Monday 17th August @ 7pm
Online live link:

2. After Midnight with Noel Casey / Dublin City FM
Track 2 "My Captain" on Monday 17th August @ 12pm
Online live link:

3. Liz Franklin’s Folkal Point / Radio Teesdale
Track 3 "The Curse of a Dead Man’s Eye" on Tuesday 18th August  7pm
Online live link:

4. The Readifolk Radio Show with Ian Freedman / Blues & Roots Radio
Track 4 "William Frend" on Tuesday 18th August @ 10pm
Online live link:

5. Keith Peverly & Pat Thornby with The Wood and The Wire / AHBS
Track 5 "Friends of Three" on Wednesday 19th August @ 9pm
Online live link:

6. Tony Woolard (and possibly David Bond) with Folk Roots & Branches / 10 Radio
Track 6 "Kubla Khan" on Thursday 20th August @ 6pm
Online live link:

7. Gary Hazlehurst’s Folk Show / Stafford FM
Track 7 "George" on Thursday 20th August @ 9pm
Online live link:

8. Brian Player’s Acoustic Café / Blues & Roots Radio
Track 8 "Pantisocracy" on Friday 21th August @ 10pm
Online live link:

9. Chris Bowden’s Folk Show / Radio Wimborne
Track 9 "Epitaph on an Infant" on Sunday 23rd August @ 8pm
Online live link:

10. A World of Difference with Roger Williams / Trent Sound
Track 10 "Might is in the Mind" on Monday 24th August @ 7pm
Online live link:

11. The Richard Harris Folk & Blues Show/ Somer Valley FM
Track 11 "Mother You Will Rue Me" on Tuesday 25th August 7pm
Online live link:

12. Rick Stuart’s Roots & Fusion / Pure Radio
Track 12 "Esteesee" on Wednesday 26th August @ 9pm
Online live link:

13. Steve Clarke’s Strange Brew / Cullin FM
Track 13 "Along the Coleridge Way" on Thursday 27th August @ 8pm
Online live link:

14. Neil King's Along the Tracks / Blues & Roots Radio
Track 14 "Elegy for Coleridge" on Friday 28th August @ 11pm
Online live link:

To the stations not on the list: I love you and you are amazing! The list of radio stations I wanted to include in this had dozens of stations and presenters that I wasn't able to include in the 14 below. It's not because I didn't want to, but simply the logistics of it. Finding 14 shows that ran in a consecutive order, in the right time window, with a bit flexibility was really hard! The album is quite diverse, and I've tried as much as possible to match tracks to the shows or presenters too. So: if you're a presenter or show not on the list please don't feel left out :)

Posted by Ange Hardy on July 28th 2015

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