Crafty Father John, the comic behind the song...

I have finally managed to find the comic I saw on Facebook which lead to me writing the song 'Crafty Father John'.

After seeing this posted on Facebook, it tickled me so much that I just had to draw from it and out came the song 'Crafty Father John'. This song was a real challenge for me, as rather than writing from my usual free flow of creativity I wrote to a specification.

I knew my story, my beginning, middle and punch line at the end but it was probably the first time that this had come from something outside myself (the comic rather than the personal photo or experience). I am, however, a Christian so am very familiar with the trials and tribulations of "to fair trade or not to fair trade" and would be lying if I said I was not on occasion on time for Church when I probably should have been a bit late ;) 

This was the start of a new angle to my writing love affair, as I discovered that I could write to 'demand' and 'specification'. Something which has opened a lot of doors since. 

This track may be the 'token funny track' of my album 'Bare Foot Folk' but if I'm honest it is one of my all time favourites - all thanks to the wonderful world of social media!

I have done some research to try to find the artist but sadly am yet to prevail so: If this is your comic, or you know where it came from, please do get in touch!

Ange x

Posted by Ange Hardy on January 28th 2014

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