Be Nice :-)

I have struggled with self worth issues since I dare to remember and at times I have questioned how and why I was designed to discover and share my love for folk music when it would surely leave me more vulnerable.

Yet at every difficult crossing is a stepping stone, a comment, a review, a friend, a song, an inspirational voice, reminding me that self worth is not something you can gain alone, but something that can only be grown through the sharing of lives, love, support and encouragement from your family, friends and peers.

It costs nothing to be nice and such a simple thing as that can be the backbone to new growth of self worth.

To those of you who have, knowingly and unknowingly done the above for me, I cannot tell you how much it means to me and I hope you can see the growth in my self worth in this journey.

To those who have low self worth, surround yourselves with good people

To everyone else... be nice smile emoticon

Posted by Ange Hardy on June 5th 2015

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