BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards

So… I can’t quite believe I’m saying this… but I’ve just been nominated in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.

For my “non folky” friends: this is a pretty big deal. The BBC Folk Awards are, without question, the most prestigious folk awards in the UK.

12 months ago I’d had no national airplay. I was writing an album and hoping against hope that it would get recognised enough for me to somehow keep on ‘doing music’….

Since then Radio 2 have played the last 3 CD’s that I released (Bare Foot Folk, The Lament of The Black Sheep, and The Little Holly Tree). A number of other significant events happened; winning FATEA’s ‘Female Vocalist of the Year’, getting 5-star reviews in The Telegraph, receiving some lovely comments from folk veteran Mike Harding, and – above all else – receiving the overwhelming support of the folk community. 

That community consists of fans, musicians, broadcasters, promoters, bloggers, magazine freelancers, and everybody who has taken the time to open their arms and welcome me into their world. 

I’ve been absolutely blown away by the love and acceptance I’ve received over this past year. You all know who you are: thank you!

At the beginning of January I went “professional”. Music is not longer a hobby it’s something I hope to make a living from. As a mother of young children that’s a pretty big step; being nominated for an award like this is affirmation that the community is behind me, and that I’m doing things okay. 

So, from me to the folk community: thank you! I hope you enjoy the next album ;) 

I’m honoured to be nominated in such a strong category, and I can’t wait to meet those I’ve not yet met in Cardiff on April 22nd for the Folk Awards!

The genuinely bewildering dilemma of what I’m wearing has already been sorted! (Thank you Tamsin, you’re amazing!)

Do go and have a look at the full list of nominees, they are all - without exception - incredible:

Ange x

Posted by Ange Hardy on February 4th 2015

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