Bare Foot Folk Launch at Silver Street.

Bare Foot Folk Launch at Silver Street.

It is done! I can hardly believe that I am saying this but that little dream I had of my rootsy folky album has become a big reality and is now a fully launched, globally released folk album... yay :-)

'Bare Foot Folk' was launched during a 'Silver Street Session' at Wiviliscombe Congregational Church on the 25thMay 2013. We had a fantastic evening. It went without a hitch. I played my new album 'Bare Foot Folk' from cover to cover for the first time ever. The audience were wonderful and warm and it was so very lovely to meet so many of them and get the chance to dust off the old sharpie pen.

The 'Silver Street Sessions' are hosted by David Bond and his lovely wife Jill. They did a fantastic job of running what was a very well oiled evening, and didn't overlook even the smallest of details. There was water waiting on stage and they even had spare sharpies just in case. We were warmly welcomed and had the chance to share a meal with the team and a group of volunteers who helped to make the evening happen, so I must say a huge huge thank you to all of you who were involved. To David and Jill, Eddie on the sound desk, Jill for your amazing pavlova (pic provided) and the lovely Hope: thank you.

I must also thank those of you who made the album happen. This was a fan funded album and so it would not have happened without all of the pre-orders and support from all of my fans. Also my awesome rock of a husband Rob for... everything and my family for... everything.

It was fantastic to have so many fans sign the bodhrán drum I played on the album too, a really, really lovely keepsake for me to remember the launch by and to take on tour with me.

So, what's next? There's a few upcoming performances still listed, and then I'm going on a 'Bare Foot Folk' tour in September/October 2013 and will have all of the dates for that up on the website very shortly.

That will be followed by some filming as I look to release a music video of a song from the album chosen by YOU (more on that later) and then it's off to the Folk Festivals of 2014 (it's a hard life, but someone's got to do it!).

In the meantime, if you haven't already ordered your album from the website you can now get it as an instant MP3 download, or you can order a CD and it'll be posted straight away. You'll also find the album on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and most other online stores (though I'd much prefer if you ordered it from my own website as it's cheaper for you and more money ends up in the pot for the next album too!).

Right now though, a lovely cup of tea and a little more dreaming.

Ange x

Here's a little something to tickle you... This was our journey to the launch concert, we almost didn't make it in time... Only in Somerset!  

Posted by Ange Hardy on May 30th 2013

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