Bare Foot Folk is BBC Somerset Album of the week!

Way back in 2010 I was honoured to have my debut studio album "Windmills and Wishes" chosen as the BBC Somerset album of the week.

In the middle of my interview this Saturday as a "Somerset Lives" guest Emma announced that my second studio album "Bare Foot Folk" would be album of the week this coming week!

(I'm not sure how many other artists have had two consecutive albums awarded this prestigious honour… but I'm sure I'm on a pretty short list!)

So don't forget to listen all this week either online on or on 95.5FM or 1566AM.

(you should be listening anyway, because it's a fantastic show! But if you want to catch the album of the week I think it's normally between 10 and 11am... normally...)

If you want to catch the interview from Saturday you can listen again here for the next 6 days:

Posted by Ange Hardy on May 12th 2013

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