Anyone fancy a warm fuzzy feeling? ;) #helpneeded

Can you help to find a home for some tour flyers or posters? 

The touring life is a wonderful yet unpredictable beast, with many clubs and venues closing in recent months due to low sales and many new ones being opened by hopeful heroes we find ourselves ever aware of our part in the promotional wheel that helps to keep music live! 

Is there any way you could help?

Well, as we embark on the launch tour for our new duo album 'Findings' in a few weeks time we will need to do all we can to let people know where we are playing. We have booked some beautiful, prestigious, quirky and huge venues for this tour so we need your help more than ever to get word out. So, what can you do?

1: Word of mouth

Simply tell people about the tour, bring your friends and family with you and let people know that you know, you know?

2: Retweets and shares

Any social media activity makes a huge difference, even the simplest of retweets!
Facebook event
Twitter Page

3: Flyers and posters

If one of the venues is near you and you would be willing to help find homes for flyers or posters, we would be hugely grateful. Even if it is one poster in your local shop... or 1000 door to door flyers, every little helps! It really does! (it's very hard to get this kind of coverage when organising a tour remotely) 

Just follow this link: and we will send you the correct flyers/posters for the area and the number you require. 

Some ideas for where to put them:

  • supermarkets
  • Postoffices
  • Local shops
  • Hairdressers
  • Village notice boards
  • Cafe's, pubs and restaurants
  • your fridge!

4: Come along yourself!

We'd love to have you join us and we'd love it even more if we can meet and thank you in person so do come and say hello and collect your warm and fuzzy feeling in person :-)

We can not tell you how much these things help us. your support is priceless. 

Thank you! 

Ange & Lukas xxx

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Posted by Ange Hardy on September 7th 2016

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