Ange is Going off the Grid!

Friends, Family and Fans, Please take a moment to read this.

"Ange is 'going off the grid' for 7 days to raise money for the DEC Philippines Appeal, no phone, no Lap top, no texting, no internet!"

Before I plunge into the darkness, a quick note to you all...

First thing's first. My husband will be checking my mail, so if you need to contact me you can still get through on (I will reply to time sensitive issues by sending replies through my husband Rob and he will give out my home number where it is necessary.) Otherwise, I'll pick up my mail next week.

I have set a target of £300 through Just giving to go to the DEC Philippines appeal, Please continue to give generously throughout the week, my appeal stops at 11.59pm next Friday. I would love to make my target (I'll not find out if I make it or not until I get back on-line!)

(You can also give me cash which will go to MAD International who are working in the Philippines too )

I spend between 70% and 80% of my waking hours with either my phone in my hand or my laptop in-front of me! This could be a real challenge but one that I hope will bring many opportunities and insights, much creativity and most importantly...dosh for the Philippines! So, that's it! Phone and laptop are going in a box and being put under lock and key...Wish me luck!

Thank you all for your support

see you on the other side

Ange xx

Posted by Ange Hardy on November 15th 2013

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