An evening at The Houses of Parliament!

I am absolutely thrilled to have been invited by Tamsin Rosewell to join her at The Houses of Parliament next Monday, where the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Folk Arts alongside the EFDSS and TRAC are holding a Transatlantic Showcase hosted by Kevin Brennan and Cerys Matthews!

Who’d have thought that the same bare feet that walked me through the streets of Ireland will soon be walking bare foot across the mosaic tiles of Parliament? 

Isn’t life an amazing journey!? I’ve got a new dress… but I’m not planning on buying (or wearing) shoes ;)

I’m really looking forward to mingling with some folk-loving people… and Tamsin and I have got some exciting plans lined up for the afternoon before the event too.

If you missed my interview with Tamsin, it's still up on mixcloud.

Posted by Ange Hardy on November 3rd 2014

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