Overall Leaderboard Top 10

Here's the overall leaderboard. Scoring is worked out as: An image get 1 point for achieving the goal. Being the first in a category gets a bonus point, and extra points are awarded for creativity and artistry. Inguinity can also get a bonus point, as can ticking more than one box in one photo. Up to a maximum of 5 points per photo.

Photos can be used more than once BUT you're unlikely to get bonus points after the first time you've used a photo.

#1Wendy Booth-Boyd66
#2John Bailey60
#3Sarah Logan54
#4Bettina Walker48
#5Jo Elkington30
#6Spotted Fox14
#7Glen Sweeney14
#8Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth14
#9Christine Howell12
#10Anne Pengelly11

Christmas Bonus Round - NOW CLOSED

Sarah Logan has been anounced as the winner of the £25 Amazon voucher - well done Sarah!

No points awarded in the category yet (photos are awaiting moderation)

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