Information for Radio Stations

Ange Hardy is very comfortable in interview situations in radio stations. She's given interviews and performances live on the BBC Radio 2 Folk Show, and on BBC Radio 3 for both 'The Verb' and 'In Tune'. She's spent an hour in conversation with Tom Robinson on his 6 Music Show, and done countless sessions and interviews for local radio stations.

Ange is always happy to be interviewed or to perform live. Please note she increasingly enjoys the challenge of live looping on air, and doesn't often perform unplugged or acoustic.

Videos of recent BBC performances can normally be found on her BBC profile page:

Technical details

If Ange is live looping on air the live tech spec applies; but effectively all that is required is a single power socket and for us to give you a line-level input from our mixing desk into a channel on your own (or two if you're broadcasting in stereo). She'll have loads of instruments and cases, but we've not yet found a broadcast studio too small to set up in!

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