PWMC (Pilton Working Men's Club) - Pilton.

Friday 23rd January 2015 from 20:30

I will be doing a PWMC - Pilton Working Mens Club F.A.N. - Friday Acoustic Night, performing a full concert with a licensed bar.

Just £3 - Pay on the Door

Ange Hardy is a folk singer, songwriter and recording artist from West Somerset, England. Ange performs original contemporary songs written in a traditional style with an emphasis on vocal harmony.

In 2014 Mike Harding referred to Ange Hardy as “one of the bright stars of the new wave of folk singers”. She was awarded FATEA Magazine’s Female Vocalist of the Year award in January 2014 following the release of her debut folk album ‘Bare Foot Folk’ and Ange used that momentum to build an increasingly dedicated and widespread fan base.

Her 2014 album ‘The Lament of The Black Sheep’ was subsequently awarded 5-stars by The Telegraph which put it at the top of their ‘Best Folk Music Albums of 2014’, it reached #1 ‘Hottest Folk Release’ in the Amazon download charts in September 2014 and received universal acclaim from fans, reviewers and radio presenters alike.

Tracks from both Ange’s albums were played on the BBC Radio 2 Folk Show, as well as by folk luminary Mike Harding on The Mike Harding Folk Show. Ange has received widespread global radio coverage, with particular focus on stations in the UK, USA, The Netherlands, Australia and Canada.

Whether she’s performing in a sold out theatre or an intimate village hall Ange brings a level of honesty and openness to the stage that is a refreshing as it is disarming. Her focus on vocal harmony and her pitch- perfect vocal talent has led her toward adopting a live-looping pedal; a digital tape-recorder at her feet that allows her to record and play back layers of vocal harmony live from the stage. In doing so she brings her talent as a recording artist to a live performance, adding an extra dimension to an already captivating stage presence.

Ange has been joined by folk legends that span the generations of the folk revival, with artist including Nic Jones (Penguin Eggs) and Luke Jackson (Fumes & Faith) joining her for her songs on stage, and Radio 2 Young Folk Award winner James Findlay accompanying Ange on her latest CD.

Where ‘Bare Foot Folk’ was about stripping everything back to it’s roots “The Lament of The Black Sheep’ was about exploring the surrounding soil. Her 2014 Christmas single, The Little Holly Tree, builds on the unrivalled reputation she has rapidly built for writing contemporary songs that sound as though they are in fact deeply traditional.

In 2015 Ange will be focussing her efforts on researching and performing a new body of musical work based on the life and work of the romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

“Something very special indeed, is a phrase that could have been written just to encapsulate Ange Hardy, who through talent and hard work has burst onto the folk scene” - FATEA Magazine

“She perfectly balances the strengths of traditional folk music with fresh writing. There is not a weak track amongst the 14 on this album” - The Telegraph

“The Lament of The Black Sheep is a startling piece of work. Forty five minutes of beautifully crafted and performed music” - Bright Young Folk

"She writes all her own stuff, but they do sound as though they've come straight out of the soil of Devon and Somerset, I really like them. Very very rootsy and very very folky, I do like her stuff!" - Mike Harding

“Extremely well sung and extremely attractively presented (nay, a work of art): It’s a really special record!”

- The Living Tradition
“A fine album immersed in the tradition, but with a modern perspective. These are proper folk songs.” - R2 Magazine

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